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best practices (7 of 7) by Michael
October 3, 2008, 10:27 am
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I cannot for the life of me pick just one final best practice…and there is no way I am prolonging this to 8 or 9 best practices.  Instead of me picking our final best practice, I want to ask YOU what YOUR opinion is (that means none of that “what he said” stuff 🙂 )

You can pick one of the 6 already listed, you can pick one that hasn’t been mentioned at all, or you can pick one of the following:

  • our obsession with reaching those who don’t know Christ
  • we don’t just babysit kids.  A huge chunk of our resources already goes toward children and students. And those at Cinema Church honestly enjoy working hard to share the love of Christ with children
  • students are a vital part of what we do and what we envision doing
  • worship experience will exalt God and lift high His Glory through high energy, engaging, loud music
  • video, multimedia, drama to connect people to the heart of God
  • a definite must….more Apples in our church than in Steve Jobs entire family

I’d also love to know why you feel it is a great practice!


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video, multimedia, drama to connect people to the heart of God

we live in the age of technology, and that;s what people are interested in. from kids to adults, we all have this cyber connection that everyone can understand. and obviously, through all of our hard work on the website and everything else we use to extend out in to the public, video, multimedia, and drama is a must. drama has been around since the beginning of time (god made it after eve LOL) and it is a great form of art where people can communicate. people learn and empathize with drama and skits, and i think it’ll play a huge role in cinema church as well as multimedia!!


Comment by staceyweaver

awesome Stacey-cant wait to see the crazy dramas and videos you come up with for Cinema Church

Comment by Michael

wow….that is so hard to pick just one of those. But I do have to agree with Stacey. In order to connect you have to provide a atmosphere. One that will make newcomers feel very comfortable. Video,Multimedia, and dramas, and even lights and sound should be thrown in there, play a huge part in that. I may seem bias in teh fact I am involved in someway with each and everyone of those things, but I cant stress how important the right atmosphere is. With the right atmosphere people will tend to worship more cuz

1.Multimedia(they will know the words cuz it will be on the screen)
2. Lights(The darker it is the better. When people cant look around and see other people they can Lose Themselves into the worship)
3. Sound (the Louder the better,to an extent. When they cant hear themselves or the people around them they tend to get more into it cuz they forget how “bad” they may sing.)

4. Videos and Dramas. These can lighten the mood and help everyone laugh. But they can also be so thought provoken that it makes people really think about God and life and everything. Both ways will surely change the way people view church.

There are so many other “best practices” that its really hard to narrow it down to a few, cuz we do so many so well already. And IMO none are really any more important than the other. Especially when they all share teh same goals…

Reaching others for Christ and changing peoples view of church.

Comment by Rob


Duh I am going to pick this one. What I wouldn’t give to be a kid at Cinema Church! Too bad I am already old though lol. So many reasons:

– Our kids aren’t suffering at all during this transition year. In fact, I have heard so much, “Wow, I love this church!” from Hannah and Lauren, that it is blowing my mind.

– We have poured so much of our resources into our Cinema Kids room and curriculum already.

– Our leaders actually care about the kids and have relationships with them. Our leaders are pouring their love for God into our kids.

– Our leaders are people Joann and Kyle trust to teach their kids about God. (Hope so, at least…)

– A lot of our leaders are just high school students. Cinema Kids is providing ways for those students to get involved and trained in ministry.

– Our first outreach was a huge success, reaching double the amount of students. (YES, FOUR!) The kids, at the end of the night, told me, “That was the best party I’ve ever been to!”

– Hannah and Lauren are itching to invite more of their friends to church.

– Our kids are going to be involved in their community through things like Trunk-or-Treat.


Not that I don’t agree with the other ideas up there, but things like worship and multimedia have had to be limited because of our space. Not saying that they won’t be freaking awesome once we launch. I might be a little biased, as I love Cinema Kids to death and have been able to see it in action on a Sunday morning, but I think even if you just base it on the reaction of the kids, it is def one of our best practices.

Comment by Sarette

for sur it definitely is one of our best practices Sarette. Like I said none is really more important than the others as long as the same goals are implied. However I may add that creating the right atmosphere is not nec just for the “big church”. It is something you have to do for the kids as well. Playing the wii, loud music, and the dramas you may do down there are creating the right atmosphere for the kids. So is still something that plays a big part in the kids ministry, and every other ministry that Cinema Church has and will have to offer

Comment by Rob

Ok, so I have been thinking about this, trying to decide what I would say. There are so many BEST practices it is hard to narrow it down. I agree that the atmosphere is really important in all that we do. I agree with the kids church. I think that the student ministry is really important because the goal is to prevent graduating from church. I was recently invited to join the women’s journey group, and journey groups could be a best practice too. But I think I’m going to say something that I learned from doing my study for today. A genuine passionate love of Christ. I see this so clearly when I come to Cinema Church and when I interact with people.
The reason that I say this is the BEST practice is what I learned from the study today. In Revelation 2 Jesus talks about all the good things the people in the church in Ephesus do – hard work, intollerance of the wicked, perserverance, testing and proving false apostles false, etc, but then he rebukes them for because they “have forsaken [their] first love.” He tells them if they do not “repent and do the things [they] did at first” he will come and “remove [their] lampstand from its place.” According to Beth Moore in the study “That doesn’t mean they would lose their place in heaven. We lose our lampstand when we lose our godly influence on earth. In other words, we lose our light in the world. Keep in mind that a church is no stronger than its people. A church is the people of God, not brick and mortar.”
So I would say that Cinema Church people’s love of Christ is the BEST practice because if we lose our lampstand then nothing else matters. Of course, I believe that we have many many best practices too many to list. The ones already said, and I especially think that the fact that “we are the church” is a really good one too. But I have to say that love of Christ has got to be a big one, if not the biggest one. Everything else comes out of that.

Comment by stephlsblog

I believe that our best practice as a church is our outreach programs. As a church we have a great desire to reach those who do not yet know Christ and the outreach programs that have been planned so far show our commitment to reaching those and showing them the unconditional love that God offers to every one of us. I think that the greatest joy in life is sharing this love with everyone that we can and as a church that is what we strive to do.

Comment by edolyne

Wow those are all awesome, hard to choose. Maybe “students are a vital part of what we do and envision doing”….Our students will be the future and our children’s future and so on. They are amost valued part of the example of our church and community… people are always watching teenagers and you don’t usually see much positive or Christlike examples in the young today. They are creative ones, the mulitmedia guru’s, the are the outreach for Ct., and the one day (if not already) are our leaders. !

Comment by jolittle

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