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We are moving! by Michael
October 14, 2008, 2:07 pm
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There are still a lot of bugs I have to figure out.

Hopefully before too long things will run smoothly.

Please update your info, because this may be the last post ever at this address.

New address is michaellarkin.us


Road Trip! by Michael
October 7, 2008, 11:25 pm
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We are currently headed to CATALYST!

Please pray for the 10 of us who are going!

Pray for safety. Pray that we would bring it home with us!

best practices (7 of 7) by Michael
October 3, 2008, 10:27 am
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I cannot for the life of me pick just one final best practice…and there is no way I am prolonging this to 8 or 9 best practices.  Instead of me picking our final best practice, I want to ask YOU what YOUR opinion is (that means none of that “what he said” stuff 🙂 )

You can pick one of the 6 already listed, you can pick one that hasn’t been mentioned at all, or you can pick one of the following:

  • our obsession with reaching those who don’t know Christ
  • we don’t just babysit kids.  A huge chunk of our resources already goes toward children and students. And those at Cinema Church honestly enjoy working hard to share the love of Christ with children
  • students are a vital part of what we do and what we envision doing
  • worship experience will exalt God and lift high His Glory through high energy, engaging, loud music
  • video, multimedia, drama to connect people to the heart of God
  • a definite must….more Apples in our church than in Steve Jobs entire family

I’d also love to know why you feel it is a great practice!

best practices (6 of 7) by Michael
September 29, 2008, 11:53 am
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We aren’t just about preparing to launch Cinema Church.  One of our best practices is that we are the church.  We don’t just talk about the vision.  We are the vision.  We don’t just dream about what the church could be and should be.  We are doing what we should be doing.  We don’t just talk about impacting a community.  We reach out to our community.

This Halloween, with the help of our students, Cinema Church will host our biggest outreach yet.  Just last night we received confirmation that we will be able to host a Trunk-or-Treat at McKenna Drive in Middletown.  We are going to provide safe and fun ways for families to have a positive experience on Halloween.  We are inviting anyone to stop by McKenna Drive this Halloween.  Upon arrival people will find several theme vehicles with trunks full of candy.  We will also have a tent with things like hot chocolate for the parents.  We want this to be fun.  We want this to be safe.  We want this to be a good experience for parents and children.  We want to make this an easy opportunity for parents.  And we want to meet people in our community.

Here are some of the theme vehicles we already have lined up:

  • My family and our truck will go with the Batman theme.  I have some crazy things up my sleeve so I think it will be a good one.  I’m Batman and Aidan is Robin.  For the rest you will just have to come see.
  • Faith and her car will go with a race car/nascar theme.  I’ve heard a few ideas she’s throwing around.  This should be fun.
  • Sarette and her tiny yellow car will go with a bumble bee theme.
  • Danielle may go with a lady bug theme.
  • I have heard that Donny and Dennis with their green vehicles are going to do something crazy around the theme of Crocodile Hunter.
  • Stacey and her blue truck is going with an underwater theme.  I hear there may be a pool and a Mermaid.
  • Rob…I cant tell you just yet.  It has to do with politics and Hockey moms.
  • Someone (possibly Dennis or Kyle???) may go with THIS THEME.

Our directional team just decided late last night to move forward with this.  Most at Cinema Church haven’t heard about this…until now.  So, I am sure there will be many more vehicles and crazy themes.  If you would like to help we could use the following:

  • More theme vehicles
  • People to come and hang out/meet families
  • People to help with constructing and building the themes
  • Donate tons of candy for us to give away
  • People to help us hand out fliers advertising the first annual Cinema Church Trunk-or-Treat

If you are willing to help with any of these please leave a comment below.

best practices (4 of 7) by Michael
September 23, 2008, 10:09 am
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So, these are OUR best practices, in no particular order.  The next couple have to do with money.  Ed Young says that people get funny when the church talks about money.  We have some very detailed systems and procedures for how we handle money.  It takes big money to launch a church.  We talk about money a lot.  People don’t just get funny, they get crazy when you talk about money.  So, we go overboard.  Again, these work for us, and may or may not work in other contexts.

Our next best practice….I AM CLUELESS!

OK, so that isn’t a surprise to most.  I’m clueless with a lot of things.  I’m am definitely clueless when it comes to who gives, who doesn’t give, and how much or how little each person gives.  I wouldn’t consider doing this any other way.  Giving is a highly spiritual act of trust and worship.  I want people to give generously, but even more importantly I want them to give to God with right motives.

Don’t get me wrong.  We are not sloppy when it comes to giving/managing our finances/being good stewards of the resources God has given us as a church.  We have very specific systems and procedures in place.  We have these systems in place to protect our givers, our leaders/overseers of the giving, and most importantly to protect the integrity of Cinema Church.  I would bet we have the most talented and brightest minds of any church managing our finances.  And we have systems of accountability in place.  We are tighter than Fort Knox I assure you.

Here is what I do know.  I know exactly what comes in every week.  I also get a print out with the word “NAME” and the amounts given each week for that person.  So while I don’t know who that “NAME” is tied to, I can see where our church is.  I can gauge our spiritual temperature in some ways by having this information.  The Bible says that where a persons treasure is there his heart is also.  We need to be a church family that chases after the heart of God.  I need to know if we have people giving consistently, this tells me a lot about our heart as a church.  I need to know where we are collectively as a church body.

Here is what this cluelessness allows:

  • you’ll find out tomorrow (best practice 5)
  • no one has to wonder if I’m looking funny at them because they didn’t give last week
  • better allows people to worship God out of a sincere heart and not guilt
  • never have to worry about giving someone leadership or a better chair because of how much money they give

best practices (3 of 7) by Michael
September 22, 2008, 1:08 pm
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Another of our best practices is…PRAYER

These are in no particular order, but prayer would be at the top of this list if there was an order.

We don’t just talk about the importance of prayer.  We pray regularly.  In fact, several Cinema Churchers meet Saturday from 8-8:45 a.m. every week to pray for our community, our people and our church.  Yes, you read that right….8 a.m. on Saturday morning!

We have also taken our entire Sunday morning just to pray.  Individuals pray for our church as well.  And we have even walked around our community praying!  That must have looked interesting to some…

We know that this crazy vision is so enormous that if God doesn’t show up and show off we will accomplish nothing.  We also know, and act on the fact, that nothing significant happens apart from prayer.

We are constantly changing.  Our experiences are changing.  Our times are changing.  One thing that has not, and will not change, is that we meet at least once a week, as a group, and pray.  I would encourage any church launches and churches to start praying every single week.  I love that our people give up time to pray for our church and for others inside and outside our church.  It is one of the reasons that Cinema Church is Cinema Church.  Thanks for the many prayers.  God is up to something big and I can’t wait to see how this continues to unfold!

best practices (2 of 7) by Michael
September 19, 2008, 5:52 am
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Another of our best practices is… TEAM.

I love that this church has a vision so big that one person, two people, ten people, twenty people can’t possibly do this!  It is going to take the biggest, brightest, craziest, most courageous group of people ever assembled to pull this one off!

It has been said that 20% of the people do 80% of the work.  With some areas this is still true of Cinema Church.  However, we are working on this.  And, in most areas this just ain’t true of Cinema Church at all.

I love our team.  I love that we do things as a team.  I love that all of our leadership is structured around not getting things done, but rather building a team to make things happen.

There are some things that I don’t know a thing about.  Some things at Cinema Church!!!  And I love it!  I’m a control freak by nature.  I want things done yesterday, and better than they have ever been done before.  However, I am realizing that if I do most things… then quite frankly most things (if not everything) will suck!  Our CinemaKids Church is out of this world, our nursery ministry is perfect, our financial stuff is crazy amazing, our girls small groups is rocking, our golf tournament is mind bogglingly good, our music is going to be out of this world….I could go on and on.  All of these things happen with teams….teams that I really have absolutely nothing to do with.

To everyone on our TEAM and WITH Cinema Church… Thank YOU!  What you are doing is already helping us to change CT.