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Super Faith by Michael
August 15, 2008, 8:49 am
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As many of you will find out Sunday, or soon in subsequent blogs here…We are having our first annual Cinema Church Fund Raising Golf Tournament!  It is happening October 4th at Lyman Orchards.  Over the next week or so there will be a plethora (felt like sounding a little smarter than saying “a ton”) of information about the actual golf tournament.  For now I want to talk to you about the process…

I need to start by telling you that this has been the most encouraging experience for me so far at Cinema Church.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been several ups and downs.  In fact, just last Monday we were seriously considering canceling this whole thing!  It was looking like things just weren’t working out.  It was appearing that we would be at a dump (Portland West), paying more than a person off the street would, securing 72 spots, and paying $18 per person for the worst food menu ever.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I was not thrilled one bit.  

However, God completely rocked our worlds!  Lyman Orchards is like comparing McDonalds to Ruths Chris. And the best part is…We are going to end up paying FAR LESS to be at Lyman Orchards, we will raise far more money for Cinema Church, and everyone will have a much better time!  That is amazing!

But, I still haven’t gotten to the point of this post…

I want to talk about Super Faith.  I hope that this next part encourages you, in some way, to take another step in the journey toward being a disciple.

Everyone will see how awesome Lymans really is.  Everyone will experience how professional our Cinema Church Golf Tournament will be.  What most will never see or fully know is the amount of work Faith Wilson (Super Faith) has put into this to make it a reality.  This really has been the most encouraged I have been since starting Cinema Church.  At a time when literally everything can seem to be falling apart, God has used Faith to inspire me, encourage me, give me hope, and bring joy to my life.  And she didn’t do any of this for those reasons.  She was just doing her best, and being available to God.

I want to list some obstacles (some you and I share in common with Faith), and some of what encouraged me most: 


  • Faith knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about golf.  Seriously, in our meetings where we discussed the golf tournament it was immediately obvious she knew nothing about golf.  Im not sure she would know what a golf ball was if it landed in her lap!  Sounds like a great person to literally run a golf tournament, doesn’t it!
  • She has two full time jobs.  She “works” at Liberty Bank.  Im sure she is exhausted many nights, but somehow what is a huge obstacle for many (job), was never brought up.  Ever.  Not once.
  • Her other full time job…raising and caring for 3 awesome kids.  On her own! Now thats a huge obstacle.  I know they are older, but if you think it gets easier as they get older, you are in for a rude awakening when your kids are late teens, and going into and through college.  Somehow, this never became an issue.  Somehow she met all their needs, and blew this whole golf tournament up!
  • Life.  This is a major obstacle for most.  Things happen, things come up, things don’t work out like we planned or how we originally envisioned them.  I’m not going to get into her life, but I’m sure this has been one of the toughest years of her life.  This didn’t stop her from listening to God, and life happening  didn’t slow her down one bit.
  • Crazy obedience.  Even though she knew nothing about golf she did what she felt God was asking her to do.  I see this just like Noah doing something crazy. He knew nothing about building an ark, but he did it simply because God had asked.
  • Way beyond follow up.  Faith literally ran with this WHOLE thing.  Not once did I worry.  Not once did I wonder if she was behind.  Faith wanted to do this, and did the whole thing.  It was nice to be involved so little.  I really just showed up to a few meetings, and watched Faith put a team together and do the rest.
  • Her family.  She did this right. In a time when people forsake church and involvement under the excuse that they have to do whatever with family, Faith has lead her family by example.  There is a reason that Dennis, Danielle, and Donny are so awesome.  There is a reason those 3 are so committed to God.  There is a reason that those 3 are some of the most committed at Cinema Church.  There is a reason that those 3 will defy what statistics say about them.  The reason is found HERE.  So, while many forsake the bride of Christ, and hang out with their children, Faith has instilled something in her children.  She has allowed them to see a true disciple.  Because of that they haven’t graduated from church.  Disclaimer:: NO ONE is suggesting forsaking your kids for ministry.  That was a danger 20 years ago, today I think we have gone to the other end of the spectrum.  Your priorities need to be God, Spouse, Children, Ministry.  In that order, or mass chaos will ensue for all of your relationships.  All I am saying is Faith did this right.  She has obviously spent a lot of time with her children, but she has also shown by example what it means to be committed to Christ and the local church.  That is invaluable if you want your children to follow Christ.
  • Life didn’t slow her down.  She was running meetings, hosting Cinema Church prayer meetings, running small groups, organizing our connections on Sunday morning, and NOT ONCE was it ever apparent that she was burdened by these things.  She actually seemed to enjoy doing these things.
  • Not looking to be recognized.  There is a reason I can write about Faith.  She isn’t looking for me to write about her.  She wants no one to admire her or pat her on the back.  She did this for two reasons…She loves God and Cinema Church.
  • Faith is a rock!  When things were going wrong, not working how we had hoped SHE NEVER ONCE got negative.  There wasn’t even the slightest hint of negativity.  Probably one of the big reasons this is all working out.
  • She has raised the bar.  She is leading us in the right direction.  She took an idea, and has brought it to a whole new level.  I love that and can’t wait to see many more at Cinema Church follow her lead and do the same.

Fusion Seminar by Michael
June 20, 2008, 5:50 pm
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Huge thanks to this guy at this Church for loving the people of Connecticut enough to have this conference right here in our back yard!

LOVE that Rachel, Faith, Kyle, Joann, and Sarette all love Cinema Church so much that they were with me at this conference!  I love that they sacrificed of their time and money to help lead Cinema Church as we prepare to lead people of Connecticut into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  THANKS GUYS FOR GOING, GROWING, AND LEARNING!!!  It means a lot to me, says a lot to me, and says a ton about you!

Huge thanks to Meredith who was willing to either go, or watch my amazing kids so that Rachel could go!  Thank you for such an awesome servants heart toward my family, our church, and our community.

I would love to talk about the Fusion Seminar but for now that will have to wait.  I have so much from the past week that I need to get onto my blog that I think my brain is about to explode from some sort of sensor overload.  But, for now just wanted to tell everyone that I LOVE THIS CHURCH, and THE INSANE INCREDIBLE PEOPLE OF THIS CHURCH.  Look out some poor community that doesnt even know whats about to hit!

this is going to be fun by Michael
May 23, 2008, 6:15 am
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Well I think this Sunday is going to be my last Sunday EVER at Fellowship. I have some great memories growing up here with friends and family. I have some ridiculously insane memories of Living Proof. I hope that I have grown and learned a lot. We will soon find out! But, for me Sundays will hopefully be a busy day, and I cannot see taking a vacation to Middletown CT. So, I think this may just be my last ever day at Fellowship!

And it is my ordination. Please go to that. I need all the support I can bribe to be here.

I hope you are at Fellowship on Sunday. If you read this blog then I need you to be there with me. I know there are going to be casual Christians that say…”is he really wearing jeans and a t-shirt” “did he really just say that” “how could he pick his nose on stage”. BUT I PROMISE YOU THIS…if there are ANY who don’t like church and don’t go to church they will be comfortable! That is ALL I care about. If anything offends them then it will only be the Gospel of Jesus. The casual Christian might just be offended all day long! And I love that too!!!

last Friday by Michael
May 21, 2008, 6:47 am
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Last Friday, as I was preparing my talk, I saw a Twitter from Cody…it said something to the effect of

“looking forward to Friday, Mike is the coolest, cant wait to hear the message, my life will never be the same, I am looking forward to tonight at LP, it is the best place ever, cant wait till the band is done and Mike starts talking, I live for Fridays at LP, I would give up dating forever before I missed one day at LP”

…okay so maybe it just said

“School sucks. Cant wait for LP.”

But pretty much what I heard was the first several lines. It is amazing how encouragement, even if it is unintended and short, can lift someone up. It really made me want to work even harder to hear from God and deliver His message. It helped so much as I was getting ready for Friday.

Well, who in your life could benefit from one short sentence of encouragement?

crazy people in my life by Michael
February 13, 2008, 9:06 am
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I was thinking the other day…I’m going to periodically recognize some people that I appreciate in my life.

I love this kid. He has come so far. I can remember his brother and sister always praying for him…now he is leading them!!! I remember trips together…and playing paintball together…and winning together!!!

He is a tremendous friend. I think I am probably the most demanding person in the whole world. I am a very passionate person. I really don’t think anyone goes at it harder than I do, no matter what it is! Things can, and do get ugly at times. Here is what I love most about this dude. No matter how ugly it gets, no matter how ugly I get, and he has been around during some ugly nasty times…I love that somehow he still loves me. Dude, I would have ran away a long time ago!

There is a verse that comes to mind HERE, and another one HERE.

I love this kid, and in case you are wondering…HERE HE IS!