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day 4 of our journey through Acts by Michael
July 31, 2008, 10:29 pm
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Acts 4:4 Amazing!

8-12 Wish I could have seen this whole things happening

13 This has to be what being a disciple is all about

16 Wow, I hope Cinema Church does some things that are undeniable

23-31 Heres that prayer thing again

32 Heres that unity thing again


day 3 of our journey through Acts by Michael
July 30, 2008, 11:12 pm
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Acts 3:2-3 It is wild how often people go to church, looking for the wrong thing, when the real answer to everything is right there.  This is perfectly fine for those far from God, but how often is this true of those who frequent church?

3:6 Man I’d love to be able to say that to somebody.  Don’t know who would be more freaked out…me or them.

3:8 Amazing what can happen when we go to church and leave it all in God’s hands, as opposed to going to church to try and accomplish our own agenda.

3:10 Amazing what can happen for others when we go to church and leave it all in God’s hands, instead of seeking church and God for our own agenda.

3:19 Anyone in need of refreshing, reviving, rest, renewal…here is the answer!

who else is going through Acts? by Michael
July 30, 2008, 5:06 am
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Every Sunday at Cinema Church we try to have “next steps” available for everyone.  Cinema Church isn’t just about what happens on Sunday morning.  We are the church 24/7.  Our “next steps” help us live this out.

One possible next step from last Sunday was to read a chapter a day from the book of Acts and then blog each day about how God is working in our life through His Word.  On Sunday we gave two reasons why this is important: 1) it is crucial that we are reading God’s letter to us, and 2) by sharing what God is doing in our life it might bring encouragement, hope, and strength to someone else.

That second point has been true in my life.  I CAN’T BEGIN TO EXPRESS TO YOU HOW FREAKED OUT I AM AT WHAT GOD IS DOING IN THE LIVES OF CINEMA CHURCHERS. Seriously!  This is exciting.  I love reading about how God is working and speaking to those who call Cinema Church home.

So, here are the blogs of Cinema Churchers who chose this as a next step:
















If I missed your blog, send me an email with the link and Ill post it here immediately.  If you haven’t started go ahead and start now, then send me the link so I can update this.

I thought about including ages so that people could see the diversity at Cinema Church.  If you think this is a good idea let me know (ie. Faith…112 years old).

I think that tomorrow I am going to give a list of all those who committed to this next step and havent done anything about it yet.  j/k

day 2 of our journey through Acts by Michael
July 29, 2008, 10:11 pm
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2:1 here comes this theme of UNITY again

2:2 “Suddenly” we can’t plan for movements of God.

2:4 God working through average people to communicate His message in a way that everyone could understand.  Thankfully he is still doing the same thing today.

2:6 amazing how our unity and prayer invokes the movement of God.  Awesome that when God starts moving crowds gather.

2:13 there will always be people who are: negative, cynical, doubters, and who completely miss what God is doing around them.

2:14-36 Peter’s preaching the Word…something is going to break loose.

2:37 awesome how powerful God’s Word really is!

2:39 God’s plan is for ALL to come to Him, and is fully available to ALL.  How awesome is that!

2:41 3,000 IN ONE DAY.  Unreal what can happen with God, UNITY, and PRAYER.  Interesting…the same Holy Spirit is available to us…The same Word of God is available to us…God’s plan is still for all to turn to Him…this is going to happen again!!!

Day 1 of our journey through Acts by Michael
July 28, 2008, 11:07 pm
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Acts 1:3 that must have freaked some people out!

Acts 1:4 now that’s interesting.  Wonder how often I miss Him telling me to wait.  Even when bringing the greatest message of all time to the people who are desperately in need of that message.

Acts 1:5 if that thought doesn’t get you excited, pack it in because nothing will.

Acts 1:6 wonder how many times we enter His presence and ask THE WRONG QUESTION!

Acts 1:8 if verse 5 didnt give you chill bumps, this verse HAS to.

Acts 1:9 as if verse 3 didn’t freak enough people out.

Acts 1:14 TOGETHER and CONSTANTLY IN PRAYER.  Pentecost, and other great movements of God, only happen when the church values and practices UNITY and PRAYER.  CONSTANTLY!!!  I cannot read Acts without seeing UNITY and PRAYER everywhere.